Lashed Earth [2015-40]

Lashed Earth is a shelter designed using natural and recycled materials from around the local region. Its purpose being able to shelter tourists or members of the community waiting for the bus not only during the winter from the cold whether like the rain, snow or the strong winds and also act as a shelter during the summer from the heat, the sun as it has functions in the design that can act as shelter. Its been designed to be strong enough to hold up during natural events such as earth quakes with its support structure inside which acts as a secondary support for the shelter but also something that is quite unique and quite monumental for tourists / visitors to look at with its unique way of holding it up with traditional lashing methods that in some peoples eyes act as a type of art work in a way. The name of the shelter comes from the way the shelter is constructed. Lashed Earth is a simple designed shelter with multiple purposes but the main one being able to shelter people from the cold weather or the hot weather.
2015-40-LASHEDearth1-small 2015-40 lashedEARTH2-small

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