Euclidean [2015-38]

We chose the name Euclidean as it defines the general feeling that the concept of space is ultimately a mathematical one. The Euclidean has been designed to create a space habitable for all demographics and their needs as well as promoting a social environment with the interior curves to create comfort while waiting for the bus. These curves purposefully juxtapose the perpendicular exterior structure to create a new ambiance as you enter the shelter. We create elements which do not look foreign to the space; All seating areas are built into the walls. Columns are used to create a threshold are exposed beams allowing the patrons to view their ski gear from the seating area. In summer, the space is owned up by the large window on the roadside. The seating along the window also acts as an exterior bench, allowing you to view the grand surrounds of Methven.
2015-38 Euclidean A3PNG_Page_1-small2015-38 Euclidean A3PNG_Page_2-small

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