SHAC Awards 2012

May 2012 Awards
Rebuild and Reuse – for the Whole House Reuse project Juliet Arnott –
Design – F3 Design
Community Development  –   Joshua Durrant, Jess Smale, Sophie Moore
Micro and Temporary Architecture – Gapfiller
Commercialisation –  Danny Squires and Martin Luff  ThinkRadical.Net
On the 2-3 May 2012, SHAC presented the 2nd annual workshop on micro-architecture at the Christchurch Polytechnic Student Centre.  Sixty attendees discussed temporary architecture, simple buildings, and the reuse of building material.
“People cherish their culture through recycling” – those are the words of Wang Shu, the 2012 winner of the Pritzker architecture prize.  The demolition of red stickered housing and CBD buildings does not have to mean the eradication of Christchurch’s history or culture – nearly all materials can be reused in new construction, incorporating local memories and fusing the past with the present.
What is permanent in this land of earthquakes? In San Francisco, the Palace of Fine Arts was built in 1915 as a temporary building for the Panama-Pacific Exposition and still stands today as an icon of the city.  From the cardboard cathedral to the convention centre – how long will they serve us?
“Simple buildings are key for affordability” said Canadian architect Brian McKay Lyons, recently interviewed on Nine to Noon with Kim Hill.  Lyons, from Nova Scotia, says “simple buildings are what we farmers and fishermen build when we can’t afford to get things wrong”

SHAC Micro-Architecture Workshop 2-3 May 2012