1976 [2015-45]

On track to greener materials
A prominent railway history establishing in 1880 and spanning to 1976. With only four years short of a centaury of operation, the railway is an iconic part of Methven’s history. A cornerstone in building the town and a part of its heritage that’s not easy forgotten
Situated on the Canterbury plains at the base of the Southern Alps, Methven has a remarkable landscape. Luscious green fields surround the township with the snowy mountain range establishing their presence to the west. A fantastic example of rural New Zealand, showing off gorgeous scenery that our country has become celebrated for.
A green, sustainable transportation hub for the town of Methven. Mimicking the habitat, 1976 does justice to the landscape by blending into the surrounding context. Acknowledging the townships vibrant locomotive history and utilising recycled materials creating a nostalgic emotional connection to the yesteryear of Methven. Recycled railway sleepers, and tracks, untreated Douglas Fir logs, and Locally quarried stone make up the construction materials for the scheme. All materials are sourced locally with minimal embedded energy.

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