47 Peeks [2015-48]

Bring the mountain tops into Methven. Located at 47 Racecourse Avenue, the sculptural bus shelter allows mountain goers to peek at spectacular views of the Southern Alps while protected from chilly Methven winters. Usable public space close to town center will create a land mark attracting tourism year round. Revitalised steel beams and roofing from Christchurch’s earthquake damaged buildings, requires little processing and transport, so will be cheap and easily to replace if damaged, as materials can be repurposed or recycled with no waste into landfills. The easy to maintain structure will be lifted off the ground to allow for air circulation to keep shelter clean and reduce the wind tunnel effect. 47Peeks is the ultimate recycled material bus shelter that will breathe new life into Methven.
2015-48 47peeks left A3-small2015-48 47peeks right A3-small2015-48 47Peeks South Elevation-small

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