Wag’n’Wash [2014-14]

Wag'n'Wash-2014-14-image-1-small Wag’n’Wash is a pop-up structure in which people can wash and dry their dogs. The structure can be placed anywhere that is frequented by dogs, such as beaches or dog parks.
The design is sustainable due to the fact that it mainly uses pallets, a relatively cheap yet strong material that would otherwise be thrown away. Solar power will be used to power the dryers and water will be leached from a council supply.
The structure will be raised off the ground through the use of pallets, and allow easy drainage for water, dog hair, and any residue such as sand or mud.
To use Wag’n’Wash, people will be charged one gold coin. 50% of the proceeds will go towards funding a new Wag’n’Wash elsewhere, while the other 50% will be donated to the SPCA.
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