One [2014-13]

‘One’ is an experiential light installation structure that embodies the idea of spiritual wholeness and being at one with our surroundings and other living beings.
The present purpose of ‘One’ is to encourage reflection and perception through the use of light and framing devices. Its potential uses, however, are open to interpretation, and its function is malleable.
‘One’ is constructed from mesh, or wire netting (if possible, recycled), and recycled plastic bottles that have been cut into smaller pieces and affixed inside the mesh structure. (The choice of plastic bottle colour can greatly influence the hue of reflected light that appears within the installation.) It has a recycled timber base that is optional. The shiny ring is made from plated steel, but can alternatively be created from recycled metal that is shiny or reflective. Sustainable, hidden support rods (recycled materials) can be used as a structural system.

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