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Mizu Tea House [2014-15]

Mizu Tea House pops-up in busy, downtown Auckland to provide an escape from demanding daily life.  Inspired by traditional Japanese tea ceremony, a host will serve up to four guests and encourage visitors to take time to slow down, be present and appreciate the moment.
Mizu (Japanese for water) refers to the water feature on site, utilised to pacify city noise and add to the sense of calm retreat.
The structure is made of pre-fabricated parts that can be assembled simply and quickly by interlocking the components.  Bamboo has been used as the primary material as it is a sustainable, renewable building material that is also very strong.  The curved inner wall is made of inexpensive, translucent acrylic, which controls and filters the artificial LED lighting and sets the restful tone of the interior space. The continuity of the curve alludes to a larger space.
The design is inspired by the traditional Japanese tea house, in the low crawl-through entrance, tatami mat layout and guest waiting area, as well as the overall application of the wabi-sabi aesthetic.
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I love the Mizu Tea House! What a fantastic concept – very unique and a great idea for the cosmopolitan culture in Auckland.

Mizu tea house is a great idea. Portable, low cost yet attractive. Ideal for city venues experiencing temporary increase in demand for catering facilities.

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