PureSonoro [2014-12]

PureSonoro (to resonate and project high quality sound)
The purpose of PureSonoro is to resonate and project a wide range of sound whether it’s acoustic/electric music or if it’s just a person giving a speech. This structure allows people to perform outside without losing sound quality as PureSonoro captures and projects the sound acoustically. The design was initially inspired by a 1900’s gramophone for its aesthetic value and acoustic/sound amplifying properties. The structures panels are all non-parallel and made of wood which projects the sound outwards clearly without distortion. Its unique shape is also designed to fold into three, for easy transportation. PureSonoro is simple, user friendly, compact, and has a low impact on the environment, making it the perfect tool to help performers to stand out or for people who are just wanting to be heard and enjoy sound.
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