Canon [2014-11]

Meet Canon, an environmentally friendly piece of architecture that gives a most unique portrayal of light. It’s a giant walk-in telescope, with the added aesthetic of providing its very own light show. Given our current economic predicament, it’s becoming more and more important that we respect the environment, thus Canon is constructed using recycled plastic and bottles, promoting the re-use of materials and less on the reliance on money. The theory behind the lens is rather quite simple, yet ingenious; light when shown upon the ‘lens’ is refracted in several directions – similar to the experience of being inside a kaleidoscope. When the lens are extended manually, the environment in which it is placed is instantly distorted, allowing the user to experience a different kind of world, a parallel world perhaps or even a unique abstract dimension, effectively superimposing its own personality which can be felt by anyone within its boundaries.
Cannon-2014-11-A3-small  Cannon3-2014-11-A3-small Canon-2014-11-image (3)-small Sky-2014-11-image-small

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