Movable Music [2014-20]

Movable music - #2014-20 -image
The stage design takes inspiration from the accordion, which correlates with the stage itself being a portable instrument.
The main function of the stage is to be interactive, engaging the audience as well as being a platform for up and coming musicians. The physical shape of the stage allows the acoustics to be projected far, being energy efficient and keeping the design sustainable. The stage integrates musical instruments, pipes that can be struck to make noises, as well as stomp boxes that make the sound of a drum when stood on. It is designed to “pop up” all in one motion and only takes four people to set it up. The structure is connected together with metal poles that allow the roof and the stage to fold down flat. The “flat pack” stage can than be lifted onto the back of a truck and transported to the designated location.
(Attribution 4.0 International)

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