Lotus Flower [2014-21]

Lotus Flower 3 - 2014-21-A3-small
This temporary Pop-up information kiosk is ideal for the ever changing weather patterns of New Zealand.
For many events around the country volunteers help with providing information to the public. This lotus flower inspired design will create a focal point in the area as well as providing a base for the information staff to operate from.
The unfolding nature of the design is due to hinged panels which can enclose an interior space or provide a backrest to recline on, this also allows for the occupants of the design to have a choice to be encapsulated and protected from the weather or to be more open and interactive with the public.
The sustainable aspect of this design comes from the use of wood off cuts which gives the exterior character. Acrylic is used for the clear panels around the middle of the design.
Lotus Flower 1 - 2014-21-small Lotus Flower 2 - 2014-21-A3-small

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