Chalkn’Talk [2014-19]

The Chalk n’ Talk is a ‘pop’ up shelter to allow children and adults to release their creative flair while relaxing in the park. The blackboard panels give children the opportunity to learn and combine their stories; it has the capacity to bring a community together and the shelter to life. It is able to be moved from place to place and have a new story scribbled onto it. The construction is very simple using recycled wood panels and mesh that slot together to mix textures and create a piece  of art not just a shelter.  The purpose of this shelter is to bring family and friends together to be part of a changeable piece of art and learn new techniques without spending any money.
Chalkn'Talk1-2014-19-A3-smallChalkn'Talk2-2014-19-A3-small Chalkn'Talk3-2014-19-A3-small

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