Amplishelter [2014-34]

Our main goal for our pop up structure was to create something that could be beneficial for a community.  With a passion for music we thought this would be a great way to bring people with a common interest together, encouraging social interaction. Our idea was inspired by the conch shell and its natural ability to amplify sound. Our design is a shell-like stage that uses its shape to echo sound, it also has strings and a drum attached to it so the structure itself can be played as an instrument as well as people bringing along their own, i.e. the structure is not only the shelter but the function as well.
It is a rolled out structure, the largest shell rolls back on top of the second and second on top the third. It can then be closed and the third space can be used for storage. Amplishelter-2014-34-A3-2-small1 Amplishelter-2014-34-A3-3-small1

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