The Nest [2014-35]

The Nest is a jenga styled lookout tower, used to observe the nature of the environment which surrounds it. The main area of location is Waipoua forrest, which provides a vast variety of bird life to observe. The tower can help those who inhabit it to gain a sense of height, being raised off the ground. Future purposes of the Nest could be to view bird life closer to ground level with species such as the kiwi, or it could be incorporated as a usable sculptural piece. The Nest is going to be constructed out of railway sleepers. This material helps getting the modular appearance which we hoped for while at the same time blending in to the surroundings to provide less of an impact on the environment. Our design is also conscious of its environment by trying to keep the footprint on the forest floor as small as possible. It is going to be constructed by bolting the sleepers together or using clamps which will make it easier and faster to construct, giving the design a pop up feeling.TheNest-2014-35-A3-2-small TheNest-2014-35-A3-3-small TheNest-2014-35-A3-4-small

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