Eco Juice Juice Bar [2014-32]

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Eco-Juice is a temporary, sustainable juice bar that can suit and pop up in many locations. Recycled plastic bottles give the bar a contemporary, light and airy look that intrigues the eye. Along with recycled glass bottles for the roof and wooden pallets for the back wall and floor; this design is made almost completely out of recycled materials. The compost bin within the back wall of the bar allows for all the fruit waste to be composted. Thus creating a cycle from waste to compost to a soil enrichment to better tasting fruit. From this juice bar customers can not only purchase the fruit and compost, they can also gain priceless knowledge of how recycling and composting/worm farming works.Eco Juice- Juice Bar-2014-32-A3-page2-small Eco Juice- Juice Bar-2014-32-A3-page3-small

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I like the simple design but more importantly I like the three recycling aspects. Firstly that it is made by recycling waste, secondly that it incorporates recycling into the day to day function of the business and thirdly the recycling education of the patrons.

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