BuskStation [2014-36]


  1. Function – Our structure was created with the intent to promote not only busking in Auckland, but in a deeper sense to establish more culture and expression through art as we believe this is slowly being lost in the bustling CBD. Our aim was to create a sculpture, something of visual beauty to attract spectators, which projected the music of buskers (who would use this structure free of charge). We have achieved this by designing a sustainable pop up stage which helps buskers stand out on the streets.
  2. Sustainability – This design is sustainable mainly because no power is needed, it can pop up and down manually. Also the main material we have planned to use is recycled timber. If damage were to happen to our structure, the damaged panel can be removed and replaced which would save time and money in the occurrence.BuskStation-2014-36-image2-small BuskStation-2014-36-image3jpg-small

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