Geoff [2014-53]

Geoff is a portable and collapsible shelter that can be utilized for various purposes. When collapsed into a wedge, Geoff measures 3m long x 2.5m wide, when expanded Geoff measures a 6m length x 2.5m wide.
A common use for Geoff may be for recreational purposes, easily housing a family of 3. Geoff could also be used in the event of emergency, where semi-permanent housing is required.
Geoff has a solid wood floor made from recycled wooden floor boards. Geoff has a metal frame that supports panels of tinted Twin Wall Polycarbonate, Polycarbonate can be made from recycled plastic and can also be recycled itself when no longer needed. Twin Wall Polycarbonate traps warm air in between panels to provide sufficient insulation, the back panel will feature an adjustable vent, to provide adequate ventilation. Geoff provides a warm, comfortable, weather proof living space in any situation.

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