Shelter of Thought [2014-54]

Shelter of Thought-2014-54-image 1-small
The “Shelter of Thought” is a pop up study shelter which protects your thoughts and ideas from blowing away. By pulling on the rope which is attached to the sliding attachment that travels up and down the pole, it can easily fold up and down to create more or less shelter and privacy.
It is made of recycled bamboo and recycled posters. The bamboo sticks which are lashed together have high and low points around the shelter to create tables, seating and resting areas. Using this material makes the shelter sustainable because when the bamboo sticks get dry and hard or break you can just swap them with new ones and compost the old ones.
The proposed site for it is on a grass lawn on the Unitec campus surrounded by trees. The area is perfect for students to socialise, study and relax. The shelter can be used by anyone who wants to protect a thought from escaping.Shelter of Thought-2014-54-image 2-small Shelter of Thought-2014-54-image 3-small

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