PopUp Market [2014-37]

PopUp Market-2014-37-image2-small
This project is a response to unsustainable commercial practices. Our market poses an opportunity to return the exchange of local goods back into the hands of local people.
PopUp Market is a farmer’s market made out of recycled cardboard rolls, which are light, strong, and can be recycled again. The rolls can be easily collected locally at no cost from company that discard them, or through recycling companies such as Reclaim. The cardboard used here can be waterproofed if necessary.
Sustainability has been explored in terms of its material, social and economic implications. This resulted in a minimalistic design which encourages a flexible use of the market stalls depending on the availability of materials and the spatial requirements. The idea is to make the most of what is available locally to reduce waste and unnecessary production. The project has been thought for Britomart train station, making it very accessible and allowing farmers to bring their fresh healthy produce straight into the busy center of Auckland city, or allowing local artists to promote themselves
The market has been designed to be quickly disassembled. This makes it easy to pack away onto the train or a personal vehicle.   PopUp Market-2014-37-image-small

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