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Surf life saving tower and bouldering cave [2013-33]

Surf life saving tower and Recreational bouldering cave-2013-33-image-small
The aim of this project was to embody the essence of what it takes to be a life guard. Observation, Strength, and Endurance. To utilize the often wasted and forgotten space under the observation tower we have incorporated a recreational bouldering facility into our design. This also provides a suitable shaded area for emergencies and an excellent strength training facility for the life guards. The best thing a lifeguard can do is talk to the public on safety and keep them informed on beach conditions. Whilst this space encourages recreational use and the interaction between life guards and the public, we have separated it from the most important service of the life guard tower which is observation. The angle and projection of the walls on the tower and open roof immediately force the lifeguards to look out over the beach and onto the ocean. We have also made careful considerations for services and lockable storage facilities.
Surf life saving tower and Recreational bouldering cave-2013-33-A3 PDF

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What a brilliant,excellent and well thought idea to create this multifunctional life saving tower that even looks inviting.
To in cooperate a space for public interaction and education is also well considered as it is vital to our tourist and locals alike to learn more about the danger of our beaches and their own skills when they attempt the water.
To think to make use below the tower in such a way that the guards can use it for fitness training is also another outstanding design and a fantastic consideration as many of them work on a volunteer basis.
Thumbs up!!! Definitely like to see them all around our beaches!!

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