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Suspense [2013-23]

Elevation, Accessibility, Awareness.
Accessibility to ensure lifeguards get on and off the lifeguard tower as fast as possible in an emergency situation. The design allows for quick elevation to heights where you can view far into the distance. The platform allows the lifeguard to keep watch over the beach it is also at a height of which you can jump off safely.
The structure is also very abstract in the way its designed, this achieves awareness not only for the lifeguards in the tower but to beach goers and surfers alike, recognition of the lifeguard tower is very important as a means of locating a lost child or keeping an idea where you are in the water.
The tower is to be made of recycled materials such as, recycled floorboards for the timber, recycled piped for supporting structure. And recycled sails or old vinyl signage for the shading system.
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