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Save 360

SHAC-2013-44-smallProviding Surf Life Guards with…
* 360 degree Panoramic view of the beach
* 3 Access ways for quick exit
* Easy communication between surf life guard and the public
* 9 lockable sliding walls for weather and vandalism protection
The timber used is radiata pine H3.2 SG8, treated and stained
Prefabricated slide – Aluminium
Engineered tension/compression system
SHS posts
Connect stairs and slides to the sides of the base structure
Ensure stairs are facing away from the beach
Connect the tension/compression system to the slides
and staircase from centre of base structure
Connect posts to base, connect roof to posts
Install tracks and panels
Connect barriers to remaining sides
SHAC-2013-44 PDF
SHAC-2013-44-Building Acts PDF

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