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Moana o te Kaitiaki | The Guardian of the Sea [2013-15]

Inspired by Maori folklore, Moana O Te Kaitiaki (“Guardian of the Sea”) or The Fish Hook of Maui is the design solution proposed for the SHAC lifeguard post competition.
The proposed design makes use of laminated plywood by separating the frames. This creates an open structure that appreciates and blurs the thresholds between the physical planes.
The fish hook, while integrated into the design, builds up the traditional Maori concept. By taking advantage of both its aesthetic and functional capabilities, it makes a structure that appreciates the landscape and provides an appropriate environment for lifeguards.
The structure is a seasonal addition assembled as a kit set and can be disassembled for easy storage.
The cantilevered shelter will be covered in fabric to retain the structure’s connection to its context. This also provides a suitable and comfortable post for lifeguard duties. Wood boards will cover the floor and the desk space.
BRNC-2013-15-A3 PDF

11 replies on “Moana o te Kaitiaki | The Guardian of the Sea [2013-15]”

Awesome work Naakori. I spoke to Randi She is helping with the roots next exhibition, and she was saying it was all your design. Good to see you and your team down at the workshop.
Proud to see you following your dream. Keep up the good work.

A nice practical design that also looks good, would blend in well on a beach and should be easy to relocate when needed, well done.

Nice design. I love the linkage to the sea, culture and environment. Also very practical with 180 degree + view and good ventilation for the user.

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