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Crate [2013-12]

CRATE-2013-12-image-smallCRATE provides for use as a seasonal life saving tower, which also serves as a safe storage space when not in use. The design revolves primarily around its capacity to be compactible and efficient where all the functions required for the job are facilitated by the structure itself. It also has been designed in such a way that it does not require council consent to be built.
We propose this design to be a prefabricated structure that can be lifted onto the desired site where it can then reside till the end of the season. Fabricated from a series of locally sourced recycled timber, the CRATE comes as a two part system; consisting of a base and a top box which lifts up from the base through a crank system when in use and dropped back down when not in use, thus creating a completely enclosed and secure storage ‘crate’.
CRATE-2013-12-A3_pdf_Page_2-small  CRATE-2013-12-A3 sm

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