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Clamshell [2013-40]

“Our design was inspired by the beach and nature. We took the basic form from a clam shell, with its rough exterior and soft interior. Our tower is a fixed observation tower. It has enough space for 3 or more life guards and is 1.8m from the sand making it safe to jump from in emergencies. The construction of our Tower will include a timber frame and C frames for the curve. Corrugated iron and recycled timber decking will be laid straight onto the frame work. There is also the opportunity for solar panels on the roof to supply power and a tank system to collect water from the roof if needed. In off season or in future the tower could be used for a variety of sporting and music events”
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9 replies on “Clamshell [2013-40]”

We think the project deserves a great big tick , well done and hope yoy take your carreer for many years.
Michael , Sarah & Ginta .

simple, user friendly, great shape – would fit in well on the beach with subtle reference to nature, well though out, nice work

Lovely clean lines inspired by nature…very modern, functional and very clever.
It fits in wonderfully with the beach environment….I want to be a lifeguard!

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