2015 Challenge Finalists 2015_Challenge_Shortlist

Whare Whenua [2015-59]

This is our Entry – Whare Whenua
Whare Whenua is bus shelter created from natural materials. Rammed earth walls shelter the users from oncoming words and help support the angled steel roof that is inspired from the southern alps seen fro the site at 47 Racecourse Avenue. Untreated Timber louvres, which are used as an architectural element also helps with shelter from the winds and while showcasing the idea of a rising mountain. During winter seasons skiers and snowboarders can hang the gar on the wall and during the non winter periods the bus shelter can also be used an area to come and hang for the community.

2015-59 Whare Whenua Fantail Shelter Final Render 1-small 2015-59 Whare Whenua A3 -small 2015-59 Whare Whenua  A3 Pt2-small

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