Curv [2015-55]

Curv ski-bus shelter is designed for the people and community of Methven. The shelter is designed from locally sourced materials. Curved walls made from adobe bricks, an elegant roof constructed from timber and recycled tires. The chosen materials are all natural and recycled other than that used for structural purposes, these materials also relate to the climate. Adobe bricks offer great thermal properties, the recycled tires are weatherproof also concrete, timber and steel reinforcing is used to keep its structure intact. Construction is fairly easy and best of all these materials are cost efficient. Curv is designed to bring in the sunlight and works against prevailing chilly winds of Methven and in the case of the rare storm winds the shelter provides seating on the south side of the dwelling and an amphitheatre-like seating inside for the tourist crowds in winter season, the space also serves a dual purpose for gatherings and performances for the community when its off season.
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