The Herd [2014-42]

The Herd is a three-part communal pavilion, which provides shelter from wind and rain, whilst also allowing for cross-ventilation through selected panel. The idea of ‘community’ is deeply rooted into the design.
The Herd’s layout is reflective of its name. Through these shelters one finds an extension of ones self. Like inanimate bodies huddled together with their backs to the elements, the Herd invites by-passers to enter and become a part of its community.
Each shelter base is built using second-hand pallets. The structure is assembled from H3.2 treated timber. Altogether, the structures will require 100m of timber, equating to $300. The outer skin will be of a selected mixture of recycled wooden veneer, sail cloth and wire mesh.
The assembly of each shelter will take place on site. The outer skin will connect to the base, with the canopy extending up and connecting at the structure’s peak.
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