H2Orbit [2014-44]

The purpose of our pop-up design is to filter water in countries of a recent earthquake or countries deprived of clean drinking water. Our water filtration structure allows people to bring in contaminated water and put it through a system for it to be purified. The water filtering system that will be used in our structure is based on an existing product called the Drinkable Book; a book of which each page can filter up to 100L of water. Our design also serves as an assembly point, shelter and first aid centre. The potential future use of our design could be to have it completely de-constructed and recycled as it will be made from 100% recycled plastics and plastic linings, therefore all materials can be reused.H2Orbit-2014-44-Image2-small

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This is an amazing design. It is a great need that around the world for clean drinking water. Not only is the need felt in developing countries but in the near future this design could find common place in developed countries as water resources are becoming depleted.

I think its good. People are constantly underestimating the need and importance of water and i believe that this project will help people understand that need, as-well as providing it.

I think that this is amazing! Such a fantastic idea. Water is very important for day to day living and if some people are unable to drink clean water then it can cause sicknesses. This would be very effective in the future and would be superb to see it functioning!

amazing concept, hope this gets developed and becomes available/highlighted to organisations such as the Red Cross and United Nations.

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