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The Flowing Tyres [‎2014-46]

This is our project for SHAC, The Flowing Tyres, a urban garden like pavilion. It is created with over 35 re-used tyres, allowing the public to enjoy an amusing piece of sculpture infused with recycling. The dynamic shape of the pavilion is placemaking and versatile in use, in which green plants and flora can be grown giving the feature piece a sense of tranquility and enlightenment in any urban environment. Consists of three simple elements: the dynamic recycled tyre screen, laminated wooden frame and a versatile large feature tyre, The Flowing Tyres can be deconstructed for relocation with ease.TheFlowingTyres-2014-46-Image2-small
Flowing Tyres page 1 Flowing Tyres page 2 Flowing Tyres page 3-1 Flowing Tyres page 4 Flowing Tyres page 5 Flowing Tyres page 6 Flowing Tyres Photo of model with lashing page 7
Flowing Tyres Pricing XLS

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