Armadillo Shelter [2014-47]

ArmadilloShelter 2014-47-1-A3-small
The Armadillo Multipurpose Shelter is designed around the central idea of safety and withdrawal from the outside world. Like and armadillo, the shelter is designed like a shell where people who are suffering that effects of a disaster be it natural or otherwise, can retreat and find solace in their time of need.
The shelter is constructed from materials that can be easily transported to the aid zone be sustainably farmed. The orange colour with the stripes is to allow aid workers to deliver supplies and medical assistance to the communities with ease as the shelters can be identified from long ranges and work as a beacon from the air. The structure “pops up” in a rapid construction process that should take less than 1 hour per shelter, and should only require a few able bodied people. The finned design incorporates mesh covered vents that allow solar heating,ventilation and soft lighting throughout the day.
ArmadilloShelter 2014-47-2-A3-small ArmadilloShelter 2014-47-3-A3-small

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