Pop Up Shelter [2014-49]

Pop Up Shelter-2014-49-Image 1-small
This homeless shelter was designed to help encourage healthy living amongst those who are less fortunate. Below is a brief description on the attributes and goals that we have focused in on and have tried to accomplish.
The shelter fabric is between polyester and nylon so ideally it would be very light to carry around.
We explored the idea of creating more space in the shelter so that if need be, the occupant of the shelter could invite fellow friends to stay with him/her.
Not only is this designed for the individual to sleep in, but for it to be a place where he can put his feet up and just relax, so a natural ventilation system will also be placed appropriately on the shelter.
Thanks to the “foldup into a back pack” design, the individual will have to worry no longer about losing his spot as wherever he goes, he carries his foldup shelter in backpack form.
The blow-up design to the shelter makes it as easy as inflating the shelter and it’s securely standing right before your eyes.
Pop Up Shelter-2014-49-A3-2-small Pop Up Shelter-2014-49-A3-3-small Pop Up Shelter-2014-49-A3-4-small

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