LoveSHAC [2014-50]

Our design intent is to create a romantic dating area for couples of any age group. The pop-up is to be located on top of Mt Eden terrace where a vibrant view of Auckland city can be seen. We have used an elevated site because we want the inhabitants to be taken away from the bustling city life so they can occupy a space that is both private and peaceful. Due to our theme being a “romantic dating area” we were more interested in using curves and irregular shapes rather than fixed solid forms. The design is basically two compartments which are used for dining and reclining that are connected together portraying the bonding of two souls and  the  overlaid  tangled strips depicts how deep and complex some relationships can be. The structure will be constructed of polycarbonate panels for the glazing and “multi-ply” plywood for the wall structures.LoveShac-2014-50-A3-2-small

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