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Pisces [2013-43]

This mobile lifesaving tower is inspired by a fish’s geometry. Its panoramic observation platform maximises view and the frontal slides ensure no vital seconds are wasted when lifeguards respond to those in need.
The tower’s ease of mobility enables it to be assembled and transported by one person.
The Pisces tower is made of light weight fibre glass. Constructed first, galvanised steel framing is used to strengthen and adds weight, while increasing the anchorage and durability of the overall structure. A dense polystyrene layer is inserted in between the voids of the steel frame to create a surface for the application of fibre glass.
The top section is solely made of polystyrene and fibre glass of which is connected by external hinges. When opened into place, it is held by “staple-like locks” on the side. The platform extensions slide in and out and functions as a lock for the entire structure.
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