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Lifetower [2013-36]

LIFETOWER-2013-36-A3_pdf-smallThe proposed lifeguard tower breaks down the barrier between the community and the lifeguard with its communal deck allowing easy communication. It provides covered secure storage for any first aid and other vital equipment
A 2.5m high observation deck has unobstructed view stretching out along the shore line. It provides the best vantage point for any emergencies and is a beacon for the public.
The agile ply flooring and galvanized poles enable the tower to be transported, carried, and constructed together with ease, while still allowing it to be considered a sub consent structure.
The tower will be supplied with wind/solar power, providing power to the fridge, allowing cold water bottles.
The tower could have an array of future purposes such as becoming a public observation deck and a shelter, or even a seasonal refreshment stall.

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