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Eagle Eye [2013-32]

Our two main objectives in the design process were security and functionality, whilst keeping it simplistic. To keep it secure we implemented an overnight stairway locking system. For functionality we relied on the flow of the design to match that of the movement of life guards. There are several reasons why our tower does not need building consent. The tower does not have a roof, but a retractable canvas awning. It is not a living space. All walking surfaces are contained by hand railing. The top platform remains under 10m2. No major excavation needed because this is a temporary structure.
The tower has a 10m central support pile as the load bearing element of the design. Half of the pile is screwed into the sand while the remainder is exposed for fixing to. 8 rotatable stairs make up the access route to the top cantilevered viewing platform. All of the tower elements have been designed to be fully collapsable for efficient relocation and portability.
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