BYO Library [2014-59]

BYO Library (bring your own library book), is a recreational space which encourages youth to engage in the ingenious and create world of books. By using recycled and sustainable materials, this environmentally friendly design remains simple. Entering the space, individuals are invited by an arched wall façade, composed of recycled books. The design consists of a platform which is made of solid recycled timber frames set at right angles to the roof. The frames are then covered by polycarbonate plastic, ensuring the space remains both insulated and dry. Built in “reading pods”, allow individuals to recline, and relax while reading. ByoLibrary-2014-59-A3-2 ByoLibrary-2014-59-A3-3 ByoLibrary-2014-59-A3-4


Graf Shack [2014-61]

The Graf Shack, was conceived as a potential answer to the perceived societal issue of graffiti art. Its main purpose is to provide a space where street artists can practice their art form, in a legal, constructive environment, whilst promoting graffiti positively, as a creative outlet. It would also provide a creative space for those who would simply like to express themselves, whether they are teenagers, children, or adults. The Street Studio was designed based on information collected from the graffiti art community. We used this to create specifications that influenced our design decisions. For example, large surfaces, ventilation, and an area to relax. The structure would be constructed out of recycled timber framing, with truss supports, recycled timber sheeting exterior, and the use of other recycled materials such as corrugated plastic, canvasing, foam, and fabric. This pop-up Street Studio is the physical representation of the graffiti art community; creative, challenging, and interactive.
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Studio56 [2014-62]

Studio56 is a break-out space conceived by four design students, and developed to provide a unique learning and collaboration environment for both students and staff, within the Living Campus. The efficient 10sqm building resonates an ethos of sustainability, education, and innovation. A closed space and open space form two distinct structures which work together, integrating water collection and storage as a key design element. Solar gain is captured for both heat and electricity. The two-part building can easily be reconfigured to adapt to multiple sites and uses. Designed as a high spec, weather-tight ply form and open frame, its construction allows users to customise their building through cladding and material, shown in this example with decorative Macrocarpa rain screens and black powder-coated details. Using simple methods of construction and honesty in its expressed connections, Studio56 explores the concept of providing a customisable kit-set; a self-build, learn-through-doing education of construction, architectural detail and sustainable design.
CC-Attribution-Noncommercial.Studio56-2014-62-A3-2-small Studio56-2014-62-A3-3-small
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