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Studio56 [2014-62]

Studio56 is a break-out space conceived by four design students, and developed to provide a unique learning and collaboration environment for both students and staff, within the Living Campus. The efficient 10sqm building resonates an ethos of sustainability, education, and innovation. A closed space and open space form two distinct structures which work together, integrating water collection and storage as a key design element. Solar gain is captured for both heat and electricity. The two-part building can easily be reconfigured to adapt to multiple sites and uses. Designed as a high spec, weather-tight ply form and open frame, its construction allows users to customise their building through cladding and material, shown in this example with decorative Macrocarpa rain screens and black powder-coated details. Using simple methods of construction and honesty in its expressed connections, Studio56 explores the concept of providing a customisable kit-set; a self-build, learn-through-doing education of construction, architectural detail and sustainable design.
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