Shingle Point [2015-77]

Shingle Point
Inspired by the jagged peaks of the Southern Alps and the timber boardwalks on our national walking trails. Shingle point looks to a regenerative future and harks back to simple timber settlers cottages. With native timber flooring, framing, sarking and cladding the intended structure would be formed from our natural resources. Reclaimed Totara heartwood is proposed for its inherent durability. This timber was highly prized by both the Maoris and the early European settlers. It needs no chemical treatment and can be oiled to retain colour or left to silver naturally. A faceted Greywacke stone plinth is also proposed to anchor the structure, form the seating and elevate the timber from ground moisture. These materials and the form are intended to blend into Methven’s built alpine vernacular and relate to the areas dramatic natural landscape.

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