Methven Mountain Shelter [2015-23]

Methven Mountain Shelter is a unique semi-enclosed bus shelter that caters to travelers and to the community all year round. It acts as a shelter during the winter, a communal gathering point during summer and a historical information centre throughout the year.
The main aspect of its design is to reflect the environment surrounding the site. Consequently altering the buildings shape best suited for view of Mt Hutt, Vision for approaching buses and the weathering. The design is to be rustic, using mixture of recycled and sustainable materials. Its façade shape is to reflect the mountain ranges and Mt Hutt.
Materials included are weather boards from the Christchurch earthquake in original context as the facade to enforce historical importance of the Canterbury region. The remaining structure is made from straw bale (Non-load bearing) and timber from Douglas-fir (Load bearing) to support the recycled roofing.
This design is copyrighted by the authors under the CC-Attribution License

2015-23 Methven Mountain HuttPNG_Page_1-small

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