Earth Circle [2015-19]

Earth Circle
Earth Circle is situated in front of Methven Resort and across the road from Mount Hutt College. Three structures are arranged in a circle, forming an open space in the centre.
The structures are made of locally-sourced materials: rocks, earth, straw, recycled timber and recycled polycarbonate sheet. Gabion blocks (wire mesh filled with rocks) form double-levelled bench seating. A cob wall (made of earth and straw) behind the benches is framed by two recycled timber posts, which support a light roof of polycarbonate and timber. Skiis and snowboards can be slotted into a timber frame that is attached to one of the structures.
The structures are simple and easy to build. This allows for the Methven community’s involvement in the construction and maintenance of the structures, making the project more broadly sustainable (not just in terms of its materiality).
The open, communal space is suitable for use throughout the year, while it is not occupied by seasonal visitors, as a market or performance space.

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