How to: Get resource consent

What’s it for?
A resource consent gives approval for things like the use or subdivision of land, the taking of water, the discharge of contaminants in water, soil or air, or the use or occupation of coastal space.
So you could say it’s to look after the resources that will support not only your home, but the area you live in.
How do you get it?
You write an application that says why your project falls within the bounds of the Resource Management Act and relevant local regulations and policies, and you pay a fee.
In practice, most people get someone else to do that for them and according to Dr Roger Blakeley (chief planning officer for Auckland Council) there is an “expectation that you would employ a professional” for this process.
But when I looked into it, it was going to cost between $10,000 and $15,000 to get someone to write our application, so I wrote it myself.
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