Pop box [2014-25]

The aim of the Pop box was to produce a pop up structure that would be of use for the community, which is sustainable and playful. It is a portable shelter/ lounging area that the public can hire to use for extra seating or to take out camping or wherever seating areas are needed. There is also a bench area if you need to prepare food or place your food or drink while you relax on our comfortable seating areas.
The pop box is constructed of four main materials such as steel for the framing and the tow bar, reused timber slates for the interior and exterior walls and seating, corrugated iron for the roofing, and also waterproof tarp material for the extended shelter area. All these materials are reusable and are very low at cost. The Pop box is designed to be easy to set up and store away when not needed. It is compact but when it is folded out it has a lot of space and stands out.
In the future the Pop box will be famous because of New Zealand’s growing population we need extra seating in a lot of places such as courtyards , parks etc. There will always be places that will run out of seating. This pop up could also be modified very easily into a small shop if needed.

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