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SHAC Micro-Challenge – “Sustainable” office chair

A Sustainable Office Chair? $200 cash prize!
David McKay makes a convincing argument that 40% of our total energy use goes to make the products that we buy.
Announcing a SHAC Micro-Challenge – The “Sustainable Office Chair”
Please submit your sketch or photo of your practical and comfortable Sustainable Office Chair.
Is it one made from natural materials, or a durable and repairable chair that lasts for many years, or one made from entirely recycled products, or hand made, or made by a machine like a 3D printer, or a chair that is made from starch and dissolves when wet?
Judging: Chair must be practical, comfortable, suitable for your office, and “sustainable”
Please supply a photo or sketch and a short description, how to make the chair, and how is the chair “sustainable” – that is – supporting living well, with purpose, and with less reliance on resources.
Please email your submissions to by the 24 October 2012.  $200 cash prize for the best submission.  Other prizes too! The judges decision is final.  The best submissions will be exhibited publically.
SHAC Chair Challenge Poster [PDF]

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