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ConcertAndMore – Jas_Sam_Joanna_Walter

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Kia ora,
I like the concept.
I work for Delta Community Support Trust in Richmond, Christchurch. We have been facilitating a project with the local schools and other community organisations developing a demolition site into a community park at 40 Guild St. Part of the project includes putting in a stage with power etc ready for a community concert to be held there on 10th November. We have $1K of funding towards a stage but no design yet. Would you be interested in partnering with us in the project, using your design?
Tim Weir,
Services Coordinator
Delta Community Support Trust

Hi Tim,
We are extremely glad that you liked our design, Concert&more and are definitely interested in taking this concept further and build for the community concert. We look forward in getting our design constructed for the concert. Please email me on to further carry on with our conversation.
Thanks and Regards

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