10m2 MicroArchitecture

SHAC 10 sq metre Challenge Judging Criteria

How are we going to live well, with purpose, and with less reliance on resources like materials and energy?
The SHAC Challenge is a way to learn about the building code, experiment with buildings, and to develop prototypes for our new built environment.  We designers, engineers, architects, builders, and others will be creating our new built environment for the rest of our lives.  Lets have fun with this:  Enter the SHAC 10m2 Challenge! – due 20 August 2012.  [entry details…]
For example, energy is an important resource, and in New Zealand we presently use about 40% of our total personal energy for transport, 20% in the home and to produce our food, and 40% to produce the stuff we buy ( Scadden, p12 ). [Burning coal and oil in far-away, overseas factories].
Our new built environment will reduce our need for resources like water and energy by a number of methods.  Our judges will consider entries according to these points, from technical improvements to projects that inspire creativity and support people so that they have understanding, energy, and the will to create.  SHAC judges will take a wholistic approach in judging.
Judging Criteria
1) responding to a need
2) improving our knowledge, technical ability, and desire for durable, repairable stuff [from housing to cell phones], so that over time we have much less need to buy so much of it.  Teaching young people how to design, build, and maintain buildings and things is a great start!
3) stimulating and developing knowledge, awareness, and use of small quantities of valuable renewable electricty.
4) reducing the need for, and facilitating alternatives to private automotive travel
5) reducing the need for, and facilitating alternatives to regular business travel

6) Facilitating groups of people to get together to share ideas and create.

7) Stimulating the imagination and supporting groups of people to make progress on creating  an environmentally sound and socially just society.
8) Exhibiting a quality and care of construction that inspires others to support, promote  similar projects, and adapt and reuse your designs in future work.

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