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SHAC Symposium on Micro-Architecture, Simple Buildings, and Student Projects

Cost: $120 waged professionals / $40 students and others.
Date: Dunedin, 19-20th November, Registration on Saturday 9:00 – 16:00 / Sunday 9:00 – 15:00
Location: Ozone Lounge / Manaaki  / Otago Polytechnic / 51 Harbour Tce / Dunedin
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How can today’s young people create their delightful and affordable homes and neighbourhoods?

This symposium brings together designers and builders who have figured out how to build a better way.
Let’s get to know each other.
Come for the weekend to the Otago Polytechnic to share your ideas and learn from local, national, and international innovative builders and designers.
SHAC Awards for 2011!

  • Commercialisation – Ben and Chris from SPACE
  • Practical Innovation – Michael Cambridge from Ecotect
  • Design – Andrew Just from CPIT and F3 Design
  • Pushing the Boundaries – Bomun Bock-Chung from Awhi Farms
  • Youth Participation and Supreme Awards – Thomas Malpass, Carpentry Tutor from Wintec



Bruce Thompson

Experience building lightweight concrete infill construction for 15 years (egg cartons are not waste, they are a construction material) >>>

Liz Buxton

Designs from Sudan and Dunedin

Thomas Malpass

Simple buildings with trainee builders at Wintec in Hamilton

Andrew Just

A modular and very portable initiative designed to create a home for Christchurch artists, and a 15m2 accommodation unit built into a grain silo.  >>>

Michael Cambridge

Marlborough Housing Trust “Snug” – a high quality work space, bedroom or sauna using precut pine heartwood, and other European and North American examples. >>>

Chris and Ben

Developing and launching SPACE Moveable Rooms. Why we designed the way we did / transport constraints / commercial considerations / how the market is responding / new developments. >>>

Bomun Bock-Chung

Creating the best low cost, sustainable structures that are easy to build. >>>

Chris Moller

Developing a click-raft system and urban scale initiatives such as ‘city on a roof.  see or

Mark Fielding

Building homes using pallet frames, and other recycled waste materials in an effort towards marrying ecologically sustainability with affordability. >>>

Kevin Scally

UpDown Housing is a modular building system based on the design intelligence of early colonial buildings. They often started off as sheds and matured into houses. Inherent in their construction were features that made them easy to modify and recycle. UpDown Housing incorporated and extends this vernacular intelligence and design flexibility. This Cradle to Cradle system holds in trust the ecological investment in the building. The approach also anticipates the recycling, re-purposing and up-cycling of the modular components. Think Ikea and Mechano.  >>>

Incorporating the SHAC Awards for 2011!

Cost: $120 waged professionals / $40 students and others.
Date: Dunedin, 19-20th November
Location: Ozone Lounge / Manaaki  / Otago Polytechnic

51 Harbour Terrace / Dunedin (link to a map can be viewed here:
If you would like to share your work or ideas in the symposium, we are still receiving expression of interest so get back to us so we can organize a time for you to present. 8 minute and 20 minutes slots available.
Or if you would like to participate in the discussion you can register by following the link:
Register Here >>>

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