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Building work that does not require a building consent [DBH]

Detached buildings

Exemption (i) of Schedule 1

A building consent is not required for the following building work:

  • (i) building work in connection with any detached building (except a building that is required to be licensed in terms of the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996 or a building closer than its own height to any residential accommodation or to any legal boundary) that-
  • (i) houses fixed plant or machinery, the only normal visits to which are intermittent visits for routine inspection and maintenance of that plant or machinery; or
  • (ii) into which, or into the immediate vicinity of which, people cannot or do not normally go; or
  • (iii) is used only by people engaged in the construction or maintenance of another building for which a building consent is required; or
  • (iv) does not exceed 1 storey, does not exceed 10 square metres in floor area, and does not contain sanitary facilities or facilities for the storage of potable water, but may contain sleeping accommodation (without cooking facilities) if the detached building is used in connection with a dwelling.

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